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Cleaning Day!

My mother is paying us a visit and will arrive tonight from the Bahamas. My husband and I are really excited because it is a surprise for our children that their Loley is coming. As of the moment, we are all busy cleaning and preparing for my mother's arrival.

I am so glad that my husband is off today and is able to help me with household chores.

Bach Brass

My mother is coming to pay us a visit tonight, so everyone in the house are extremely busy cleaning and preparing for her arrival. While doing our own household tasks, my family and I are listening to music, it feels great listening to our favorite music while doing stuff. Music is a big part of our family, we love to sing and listen to great music.

On another note, if are you looking for a bach brass, I would highly suggest that you visit the web site as soon as you have the time. is offering bach accessories for brass instruments and more for a very reasonable price. For more details and information, please visit their web site now.

Have a great weekend peeps and thanks for the visit! =)

Grocery List

I find it so cute when my older son gives his Papi a grocery list to make sure that he does not forget what he wants and needs. My husband is usually the one who do the grocery shopping since he is already working at Walmart, I am so glad that he does not mind doing that, one chore crossed out my list of what to do.

Today, my husband already bought the things our older son wrote on his list and he is so happy when he got home from school knowing everything he asked was bought.

Happy Birthday To My Grandma In Heaven

Before the night ends, I would like to say Happy Birthday to my grandma who is in Heaven right now. It has been more or less 16 years since my grandmother passed away but we still remember the day she was born. 

We are missing you everyday Lola Belen, how I wish you have met my husband and our children, I know you will adore them so much but it is okay because I know you are watching and guiding us from Heaven.

Happy birthday Lola Belen, we missed and love you!

Amazing Uses For Vinegar

Most of us knows that there's more to vinegar than just an ingredient for cooking or dipping sauce. Before coming to America, I did not know that vinegar has many uses, I used to think that vinegar was only used for cooking and dipping sauce since that's what we do in the Philippines but now I know more.

There are so many amazing uses for vinegar, that is why I have decided to share this video as soon as I saw it online. I hope this post could help you learn more.

The video used on this post is not mine and thank you to the one who made and uploaded this video on youtube.