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Bay Street,Nassau Bahamas

Today my cousin,son and I went to downtown bay street here in Nassau,Bahamas. We had lunch at McDonald's and have decided to take a walk through downtown bay street. Bay Street, which runs parallel to the shore, is the main shopping street, filled with an odd mix of expensive jewelry boutiques and trashy souvenir shops. The hill that rises behind Bay St contains most of the Bahamas' government buildings and company headquarters, while the poor residential Over-the-Hill district starts on the other side.

One famous store in Downtown Bay Street is the Straw Market. For the purchase of native items and crafts you must visit the straw market located on Bay Street in downtown Nassau. You may bargain with the vendors to buy straw hats, dolls, straw baskets, straw mats, as well as t-shirts and other Bahamian souvenirs. The straw market is open from early morning until the evening.

I was checking out some stores and bought some souvenirs. We also went to the Straw Market where I made a good deal for some stuff I bought as you all know I am Pinay and Filipino are good with asking discounts :-)
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  1. Lynn Says:

    shopping in the Bahamas? sosyal mo sistah! haha!

    belated merry christmas sis and happy new year to your family! mwah!