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Bad Mood

My son had an early out today from school. When he got home, he was already not in the good mood. My husband does not have work today so we had plan on going somewhere after our son come out from school but since he was not in the good mood I just decided to stay home. My son was really cranky, crying for whatever reason. He was watching tv but kept on changing the channels and crying. He made me mad and I just lost my patience. I spanked his butt like three times and he ran to his dad. After a few minutes of crying he told his dad he wants to lay down, so I told my husband that he must be tired. We lay down with him and after a few minutes he fell asleep. Now, I feel bad because I spanked him, I should have known that he was tired, I guess he did not get a nap at school or they woke him up early because they had to go home early. Well, I am only human, I try to control myself but sometimes my patience can only be stretched for not that long,sigh! I am sorry baby!
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