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Fort Hood Shooting

Today is Thursday, my husband was supposed to get off early. He called me around 1:45 pm saying that he's getting ready for their formation. At 2pm he told me that Fort Hood has been locked down due to shooting incident. 7 people were killed, 20 were wounded and there are 3 suspects. One suspect is already in custody, the other one is stuck in a building surrounded by police and swat teams and the other one is still on the loose. The shooting incident happens at the Soldier's house theatre, Soldier's Processing Center and the last one's in the Px Commissary Clear Creek. The phone line in Killeen and Fort Hood has been shut down for 2 minutes or so. My husband is still on base, he said they could not leave until the 2 suspects will be in custody. Until now there are still shooting happening on base. I hope and Pray that they will catch the 2 other suspects so nobody will get hurt anymore.