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Gift for Mom

Posted by Arden Wallace

I knew I wanted to get my mother something special for her birthday this year, but I couldn’t decide what. I remembered seeing a bit on Oprah's Favorite Things a few years back about this website where you could create your own cookbook, and I knew that would be perfect. Between my grandmothers and her own creations, my mom had enough recipes to fill volumes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a great internet connection at home where I would be doing most of the work, so I searched around and found a really good mobile set up that I could use remotely or in my living room.

Once I got the internet taken care of, I was off to start inputting recipes! I was able to add pictures, create sections and even add bulleted directions for each recipe. When my mom’s birthday came around in January, I used her famous chocolate cake recipe to whip up a birthday surprise. When I gave her the cookbook at her party she was so excited! I think I even saw a tear in her eye!

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