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Lifetime Movies

Thanks for the post from Hal Potter

I hate to admit it, but I am a Lifetime movie junkie. Lifetime movies are my guilty pleasure. The titles of the movies give away the whole story and I can tell you what is going to happen before I even watch the movie. The acting is terrible and the plots are so predictable, but for some reason I love to watch them. My sister told me that there is a Lifetime Movie Channel. I have DirectTV, so I decided to look at all of the direct tv packages online to find a package that will include the Lifetime Movie Channel. Now, I can watch a Lifetime movie any time I want. There is always a movie about teenage girls who were switched at birth, or a child that is missing, or a woman who fell in love with her boss. They are all so cheesy, but I still enjoy them. Now that I have a whole channel of Lifetime movies, I do not have to watch the same ones over and over. They play so many different ones that I never get tired of them.
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