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Super Nanny

I appreciate the guest post, Quinton Mathews

I don’t DVR the show Supernanny and it is not because I don’t like to watch it but only because I feel like I see it on my direct tv Long Beach guide almost every single day. So no need to record it really it is basically on at all times. I really like this show and I think everyone who has kids should be required to watch this show or at least they should give out Jo Frost’s book at the time they deliver a baby. Jo is so good with kids it is really amazing to watch. She is all about giving children boundaries and then letting them choose to behave or not to behave and then dealing with the consequences. This is the best way that I can see to raise a child because it is just like life. As an adult you can choose to behave or not and you will always have to deal with the consequences good or bad. I think that they should play this show on every channel so every parent will have to watch it at least once.
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