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Mountain retreat

The Author of this post is Herman Barry

My great aunt recently passed away and left me her mountain retreat. I have so many fond memories of spending time every summer there with her when I was growing up. I have always enjoyed the great outdoors and the retreat had so much to offer me as a child. There were always trees to climb and streams to wad in. There was a lake nearby where we could go fishing. And there were so many trails to hike. Sometimes we would even camp out at our own special secret place. Well now I have my own children, and they are so much different than me. So when I first inherited the property from my great aunt, the first thing I had to do was set up the satellite television through direct TV. I knew if there was no television, the kids would think I was torturing them by taking them up there. My plan was to get them up there, and then gradually introduce all the other things that I have loved my whole life. Now a little time has gone by, and we have been able to come to a healthy compromise on what we do when we go to the retreat.
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