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Elementary School Shooting in Newtown,Connecticut

I was really shocked and broken hearted when I heard the news about the shooting that happened in an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut that killed 20 innocent children and 8 adults. According to the news, a heavily armed gunman opened fire on Sandy Hook Elementary School this morning.

The 20-year old gunman committed suicide at the school after his rampage that killed 27 people.

According to yahoo news;
The law enforcement official who said Adam Lanza had a possible personality disorder said Ryan Lanza had been extremely cooperative, was not believed to have any involvement in the rampage and was not under arrest or in custody, but investigators were still searching his computers and phone records. Ryan Lanza told law enforcement he had not been in touch with his brother since about 2010.

All three law enforcement officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the record about the unfolding investigation.
The gunman drove to the school in his mother's car, the second official said. Three guns were found — a Glock and a Sig Sauer, both pistols, inside the school, and a .223-caliber rifle in the back of a car.

My Prayer to those families who have lost their loved ones on this tragedy and for those kids who survived that they might just forget what happened.
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