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Malong-Malong Dancers of Fil-Am Central Texas

Until now I still cannot believe that I am part of a dancing group here in the States, LoL! but I am so happy to be part of it. Last year, my friends and I danced the Malong-malong dance at the Fil-Am's Heritage Celebration Month. Our mentors (Ate Alice and Ate Vi) said we might dance again this year, I am so excited because I am sure I am going to lose weight again, LoL! This is the only chance that I'll really lose weight because we practice everyday so wether I like it or not, I gotta move it move it, hehe :P
2 Responses
  1. mamalira Says:

    COngrats on being one of the members of the group.

    Like your costumes.

  2. Maria Says:

    Thank You sis :) have a nice day!