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Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Shane Mosley

I am kind of pissed right now because Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. defeated Shane Mosley by unanimous decision. I really wanted Shane Mosley to win because I don't like Floyd Mayweather Jr. he is very cocky, he think he is so good and nobody can beat him. Well, his record shows that he is unbeatable, only because he chooses the people whom he wants to fight, whom he think he can beat.

Since Floyd Mayweather Jr. won tonight's event, I am sure that people will be expecting a great fight in the ring between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao soon. Let's just wait and see with what's going to happen.
1 Response
  1. Jared Says:

    Floyd is gunna whoop dat ass too Pacquiao. Pacquiaco is not as powerful is the natural welterweight super welterweight Shane Mosley ... Manny would not have hurt Mayweather as bad as what Mosley did. And so true... Mayweather is a great defensive fighter. Zab caught him quite a few times in that fight and everyone knows Zab probably has the quick hands in the fight game. Pacqiaco clearly does not. He gets hit to often to many fights. Manny got dazed a few times by Marquez and we all saw what Mayweather did to dat dude. Pacquiao gets caught square up and off balance to many times in fight and get hit to often. Mayweather will fight the same style fight counter in the beginning. Then impose the jab to the head with the straight right . When you wore down from that he is gunna jab you to the stomach and unleash those right hooks and crosses, with great accuracy. The man is a great boxer because he is smart, and have proven to have a chin. The real question is what would have happen to Pacquiao if Mosley would have hit him like that.