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Unhealthy Eating In America

America has become so reliable on fast food, and why not? In America if you are not rushing forward to the next big thing chances are you are going to be left behind. While eating fast food may save us time today, it is taking time away from us on the long run. It could come as a surprise that the average American has an intake of 85.5 pounds of fats and oils every year, all these leading to high cholesterol and diabetes.

Failure to eating a proper diet, statistics have shown that Americans who have an unhealthy eating increase their risk for cancer by almost 47 percent. While trying to save time and eating processed food how much time are we really saving if in the end we are only decreasing our life expectancy. It is very important that we watch what we eat or change our eating habits to prevent any complications with our health in the future.

On another note, eating fast food are not only unhealthy but also very expensive. Did you know that people in America spends around 10 percent of their excessive income on fast food every year? Anyway, to learn more, please check out the website or right now.
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