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Papi's R&R

My husband is finally home for a two-week vacation after being in Iraq for 8 months. He is here for his R&R which means Rest and Recuperation,Rest and Recreation or Rest and Relaxation. It was so funny because he wanted to surprise me,he already had a talk with our friend and got everything planned but then my husband lost his cellphone on the way here,I think he said he left it in Germany so his planned was ruin. Since he lost his cellphone,he had no choice but to call me for me to pick him up in the airport and I was in Austin for an appointment the morning he came, luckily my appointment for my green card was already done when he called up,so after talking to him on the phone I had to drive fast since Killeen is like an hour drive from Austin,and his flight from Dallas to Killeen was only 30-45 minutes. I was really excited when I've found out that he's coming. I told my son and he was really happy and excited too! When the airplane landed my son was really excited and happy,he kept saying Papi,Papi,Papi pointing out on the plane. As soldiers coming out from the airplane,wives like me and kids like my son was looking so excited and patiently waiting for their Dads as well. When my husband came,my son shouted PAPI!but he was too shy to come to him.My husband gave me a big kiss and a big hug while our son was hiding behind me. I really felt so sorry for him and my husband,there was this old lady who witnessed what have just happened and you can really tell from her look that she feel sorry for us especially to my husband because Nicolas did not want to come to his Papi. That's one of the most saddest part of being a military family,it is really hard when our beloved soldier leave for so long. While waiting for my hubby's luggage,I saw this lady with a baby with 3 luggage, she was having a hard time so I offered her a help. I left my hubby and son so I can help this lady and when I came back, my hubby and son has already broke down the ice between them and I was so happy to have seen them getting closer like they used to again.
Here are some pictures taken on that day,I hope you all will like it,a comment will be much appreciated!Thanks for the visit :)

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  1. Lynn Says:

    hi sis!

    so happy happy ka na kasi andiyan na si papi. hee hee.